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New year thoughts

I have been trying to find positive ways to respond to recent world events, including electoral victories for the forces of division, hate and corporate greed. We humans seem to have a built-in imperative to protect ourselves and our own kind, and that selfishness unfortunately appears to be the main factor driving the move backwards and rightwards globally.

Just who are our “own kind” though?

Demagogues are gaining power by proposing to divide us by nationality, by race, by creed and by anything else that suits their purpose: that of power, the “free” market and supposed greatness. Walls are being built, nations are retreating into their shells, while voices of reason, justice and openness are cast aside.

If there is an answer, it must be to build a global movement for justice, for people and for the planet. It needs to be a movement in which the voices of those who feel excluded from the political process can be heard. It also needs to be able to keep rogue nations in check, and weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of tyrants.

What would such a movement look like? A directly-elected world parliament? Direct democracy? Something else entirely? A forum was recently convened at Yale University, discussing some options for a representative assembly:

Global parliamentary representation debated at Yale University

My view is that the nation-state is in the process of failing as a ruling concept of our planet. Instead of national governments setting the agenda, every voice should count equally everywhere. The process of building a new democracy somehow needs to be bottom-up, unaligned to national borders. Could it be based on an online community of citizens, giving voice to their concerns? I’d be very interested in people’s views on this attempt to set some baseline precepts and objectives of such a movement:

All input is welcome.

Happy 2017 everyone!

Witney by-election next week

There’s an opportunity NOW to show that we’re serious about building progressive alliances to fight for an open, tolerant Britain with a democratic system that works for the people and the planet. Please sign the petition asking progressive candidates to stand down and support a single alliance candidate in the by-election on 20 October:

More info on the election:,_2016

Thank you!

We need proportional representation

Here’s a letter I wrote to my MP, and suggest you do something similar. More info is available from

Dear Mr Dowd,

Good to meet you last Wednesday. I write regarding the Ten Minute Rule bill on Proportional Representation that Caroline Lucas is bringing forward next Wednesday 20 July, and urge you to add your name in support. We must ensure that the Tories do not pull off another majority win, which remains possible given the limitations of the current electoral system. You agreed with me when I said that we need a General Election as soon as possible, and that we need the parties to work together in a kind of progressive alliance.

Please confirm that you will commit to voting for Caroline’s motion on Wednesday, as well as speaking up in favour of it to your fellow MPs and to the nation. Passing the motion would allow for a full debate of our electoral system to take place in the Commons – something that is needed now more than ever.

Kind regards,
Chris Brody

ps. Pease have a look at and let me know what you and your colleagues think.

Building an online resource

Since attending the Post-Brexit Alliance Building meeting on 5 July I’ve been thinking about what I could do to get such an alliance off the ground. I realised that I could help to set up a platform where those of us on the left-of-centre can share ideas about how we can make this actually come about. I therefore have created a shell website, with an introduction and preliminary mission statement:

If you could have a look, please let me know what you think, and whether this might be useful going forward. One idea is to make the site into a sort of wiki, where any interested parties can edit content, but the main idea is for it to have a bottom-up organic growth, fuelled by those who share the stated goals. All content, including the site’s title, mission statement and domain name, is up for discussion!