Two urgent actions

I went to a meeting of Global Justice Now last night and came away with some urgent actions: 1) Stop CETA. This is the Canadian version of TPP/TTIP and it looks like it might go through BEFORE Brexit, assuming that happens. Even if we do leave the EU, the UK could potentially be sued for… Read More »

Six impossible things

1. The Queen calls for implementation of Article 50, as a majority of her subjects have voted for it 2. Parliament calls a general election in the Autumn 3. An alliance of progressive parties emerges, with a platform that includes electoral reform 4. The progressive left wins, soundly beating the Tory/UKIP/DUP alliance in all regions… Read More »

A letter to Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Jeremy, I strongly believe that the Labour Party — and the movement that is coalescing around you — best represents the people of the United Kingdom’s interests going forward into the post-Brexit era. I also believe that, given the current divisions within the party and the situation in Scotland, it is now impossible for… Read More »

Calls mount for a progressive alliance

In the wake of last week’s referendum decision, MPs from the Green and Labour parties are initiating exploratory talks about how an alliance of progressive parties might be formed. Caroline Lucas (Green Party) and Clive Lewis (Labour) with additional speakers Amina Gichinga (Take Back the City) and John Harris (Journalist) will meet in London on… Read More »

The woman who can change the world

This just in from AVAAZ: Christiana Figueres is f***ing awesome — she’s the one who led the world to the incredible Paris climate deal, against all odds. And now there’s a rumour that she’s thinking of running for the head of the United Nations. This would be so, so good for the world: Christiana literally… Read More »

Brexit and the future of the UK

Here’s the text of a letter I sent to my MP: Dear Mr Dowd, I am writing to urge you to advocate for a General Election to be called before triggering Article 50, i.e. before formal negotiations with the EU begin.

A new dark ages looms. Is there hope for our world?

Today, an article entitled “The World Will Run out of Breathable Air Unless Carbon Is Cut” came up on my feed. We live in worrying times: how are we going to avoid going down a path of even deeper gloom?

Why I’m not voting to Leave the EU, but to Remain.

I was asked some questions by a friend on facebook who is thinking of voting to Leave the EU. My answers follow. “1 can we sack or veto a decision by the top eu boffs ?” Who do you mean by “we”? If you mean British citizens, we can’t sack our own government, but we… Read More »

Move your money out of fossil fuels

I’m moving my money out of Barclays Bank due to their ongoing support of the fossil fuel industry, including the majority funding of Third Energy, which is planning to frack in Yorkshire. Let’s all do the same! Move from the bad to the good. Source: Divest – Move Your Money

Bernie Sanders: The 2016 Peace Candidate

On February 10, 2016, Peace Action — the largest peace organization in the United States — announced its endorsement of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President. Source: History News Network